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Ryan Wisneski September 1, 2010 Lit 2020 Daily Analytical Reflection In the short story The Chicken and the Egg by Lispector the egg is the main focus with the many forms of the egg being explained from the very beginning. There are many ways the egg is described, in these descriptions it is possible to see that the egg is represented by religion or god, who “mankind is unaware of the loving egg”. There are multiple references in the text depicting the egg as being the soul both in a chicken and mankind. The chicken is represented by someone called by the egg to carry the egg on for generations to come and share the egg, a pastor. “So indirectly I pledge myself to the egg’s existence: my sacrifice is to reduce myself to
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Unformatted text preview: my inner self.” The text goes on to continue talking of the pastors care of religion, including what it take to be successful in carrying the knowledge of such precious information. It is true that those that did not wish to sacrifice their lives and just to be happy at in the best shape to succeed. These are “the one who failed to perceive that is she spent her life designing the egg inside her as in an illuminated manuscript, she would be serving some purpose”. On the other hand however, “The chickens who are likely to harm the egg are those who show themselves to be a relentless ‘I’”....
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