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Ryan Wisneski September 10, 2010 LIT 2020 Daily Analytical Reflection In the second part of Cronopios and famas by Julio Cortazar called Unsual Occupations, Cortazar explores ones conscious perceptions of the family. The language that is used is very plain and down to earth, which makes it easy to understand but as I read some of the paragraphs gave great detail of such absurd things as putting a single strand of hair down the sink, then immediately trying to find the hair by taking the sink apart.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe the intention of this is to show the continued humor in the world that is portrayed in the first section with the Instruction Maunal. In these paragraphs Cortazar continues with the humor we can find in the language entitling this section the loss and recovery of the hair. This shows the writing style that is continued throughout the text with long explanatory paragraphs built in quite comical fashion....
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