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Ryan Wisneski September 20, 2010 LIT 2020 Daily Analytical Reflection In the short story The Labyrinth by Nin the reader is taken on a journey, symbolic of a journey into one’s self as is the definition of the labyrinth. In this story I could see a physical expedition through literature and language as well as a very descriptive one as the young girl is having a dream of this. The girl is lost in a dream within herself and within her writing of a
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Unformatted text preview: diary. There are very vivid images throughout of rocks and mountains, thing that I can relate feeling to which leaves for a very vivid dream. “I walked pinned to a spider web of fantasies spun during the night, obstinately followed during the day”. This sentence does a great job of describing this journey that is taken and shows the journey within as a real tangible journey through the mind, and through language....
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