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Ryan Wisneski September 24, 2010 LIT 2020 Daily Analytical Reflection In the Charles Baudelaire piece entitled The Bad Glazier, the story depicts a age old struggle between good and evil in the human race. We have a subconscious feeling inside of us that directs us to our satanic ideas and leads humans to a lifetime of damnation. This is a very disheartening picture of the world that is full of nothing beautiful as we hold the only key to
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Unformatted text preview: “make life beautiful”. I believe we are called upon to make life beautiful and thus find a reason to live like in the end of the story where this infinity of joy is found by breaking the glass of the window maker. The windows represent how the world is viewed through our own eyes, whether it be just a clear window with no beauty or colorful shaded windows that extract this infinity of joy in a single moment....
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