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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 October 4, 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In these chapters of Calvino’s Cosmicomics we continue to see the creation of the world and evolution of the characters in it in this playful way. Many similar ideas are portrayed like the chaos and order of space and time that is also portrayed in how chaotic the order of the chapters is. We bounce around from early ideas of evolution of beings on earth to the creation of atoms in sequential chapters. Ideas that are portrayed that really stick out in these chapters are the ideas of foreigners dealing in terms of evolution. In the chapter entitled The Aquatic Uncle
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Unformatted text preview: we see these ideas portrayed with a sense of superiority from those evolved to what they have come from. Families look down on beings that are still in their early stage and act as though they did not come from the same matter. This idea is similar to that of a racial hierarchy that can be related to multiple events in history. This idea is also present when in another chapter the last dinosaur of his kind completely loses his identity and tries to assimilate to what is seen as a better race....
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