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DAR14 - can be made meaningful in each situation during the...

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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 November 1 st , 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In the story entitled Title in John Barth’s Lost in the Funhouse we see the struggle within the text between the act of writing and the struggles within a relationship. A theme that both sides seem to struggle with is the ending of each and how as it says in the text, “everything leads to nothing”. In the same way we see the question asked if nothing
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Unformatted text preview: can be made meaningful in each situation during the text. This abstract view of time in each situation and the constant change in subject of the text provide for sites of tension throughout. Words are referred to as nonsense and the idea of having words rearranged in an abstract way brings about nonsense shows this idea of everything leading to nothing....
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