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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 November 3, 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In the chapter entitled Life-Story of John Barth’s novel Lost in the Funhouse we see Barth comical look at life and his perception on his life as a fictional character. He begs the author of his life to make him such a character that is in a plot full of action, passion, and heroics. The ‘character’ (author) specifically states, “It doesn’t matter to me how naively linear
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Unformatted text preview: the anecdote is; never mind modernity!” This satirical voice goes against the story that this character is placed in however, as his life takes on an avant-garde form contradicting his very request. Later on in the piece the character goes further to chastise the reader for reading as far into the story as they having, noting the blandness of the text in the characters eyes as an unsuccessful story his life is contained within....
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