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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 November 10 th , 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In Octoavia Butler’s book Blood Child in the chapter entitled “The Evening and the Morning and the Night” we come across a tale based on a group of people that have a disease called DGD that ultimately leads to self mutilation to the point of death. The main character has this disease and is one of only a few women that have gotten this disease from her two biological parents that have it. This disease has an inevitable ending, usually with those affected first showing signs of deterioration except in the case of her father, with self-mutilation and death.
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Unformatted text preview: This idea of a predetermined future seems to play with the idea of having a future that has no chance of deviating from the already planned out path. We this tension between the characters that have this disease and the contemplation of ending their lives, as both these characters have tried, because of the circumstances that seem to lead to their inevitable demise. This idea is played with even further when it seems that there is some cure but this ‘cure’ still has a predetermined path for both characters with Lynn running a retreat like Dilg and Alan being her husband in the same care as the rest of the patients....
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