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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 November 17 th , 2010 **I sent out a mass email to the class asking if I could borrow someone’s book of meet them to copy the story and I did not receive an email back from anyone. Courtney was the only one to email me back asking if anyone had replied but since they hadn’t we decided to both read the same story entitled “Crossover” and do a DAR on it. I hope this is satisfactory as I was not able to do a DAR last time for “Amnesty” for not having the story and don’t want to get zeros for two consecutive DAR assignments. Daily Analytical Reflection In Octavia Butler’s story entitled Crossover we see an extremely conventional story that in my mind would not be considered an experimental piece. In the story we see a disturbed woman that we see has an obvious distortion in her face making her extremely self conscious and
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Unformatted text preview: pushing her towards the bottom of the bottle. In the story we do see certain themes of repetition that are shown by using italics to repeat certain phrases like, “It was her headache” reiterating the fact for her actions and desire for alcohol. In this story we have some unknown facts like what is the burden in her life and also what is wrong with her face. We see the author impersonalize her by not giving the character a name till the end and mentioning she doesn’t like to be called by her name. In the conclusion of this story we see no resolution in what has happened to the character except we are left more confused when she runs away from an ex-boyfriend to the arms of a local drunk. This story seems to not be very experimental except for the mystery that surrounds this entire story; probably the reason it wasn’t assigned....
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