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Ryan Wisneski LIT2020 November 17 th , 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In Octavia Butler’s story entitled The Book of Martha we see a tale about a young woman named Martha who is talking to God, being asked to make one change in the world that she believes will make the world better. This story portrays a view of what one thinks should be done to create a perfect world while also criticizing and denouncing Christianity. In the story God says that he no longer is all knowing and therefore cannot predict what decision Martha will make, nor the outcome of this decision. We also see God denouncing the stories of the Bible by
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Unformatted text preview: saying events like Noah never really happened but that there where smaller instances that happened to create the same sort of effect or cleansing the world. This atheistic view is prevalent throughout the text and really sets a type of conflict within the text as we are seeing this idea of the humanization of God working against the power that Martha has to change the entire world. This tension really works well challenging the ideas of religion why also provoking the thought of what one might do to make the world better in their eyes....
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