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Ryan Wisneski October 29, 2007 Character In Same Place, Same Things by Tim Gautreaux the author tends to thoroughly introduce and describe the characters appearance through Harry’s eyes as he sees them at the time. This makes it possible for the reader to clearly see how the characters appearances change in the mind of Harry. This is a great way to know exactly how the character is feeling and depicts the person and to see a personal change that takes place in Harry. In the beginning Harry sees Ada for the first time and does not see anything remarkable about her and describes her in a very bland way. P.326. “She seemed about forty, four years younger than he was, but with farm women you could never tell. He looked at her sandy hair and grey eyes. She was thin, but something about the way she looked at him suggested toughness”. Later on in the story he describes her in a more elegant way as seen on page 331. “The dress fit her pretty well, and if she were another woman,
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Unformatted text preview: one that hadn’t just put her husband in the ground, he might have asked her for a date. A row of pale freckles fell across her nose, and today her hair was untied, hanging down over her shoulders.” And also on page 332. “He studied her skin, which was not as rough as he’d first thought, her sandy hair, and those eyes that seemed to drink him in. He wondered how she had passed her life so far, stuck on a mud lane in the most spiritless backwater he’d ever seen. He was curious about her static world as she was about his wandering one”. The main character is portrayed through his thoughts about where he is form his age and his looks comparing himself to another person. He compares his age to Ada and his size and looks to her deceased husband. The author does a good job of portraying the each charcter through these ways and makes it easy for the reader to get into the story....
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