Life Decisions 12-6-07

Life Decisions 12-6-07 - Ryan Wisneski December 6 2007 Life...

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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 Life Decisions I remember, as the freezing tear began to trickle down my face I could feel the fire burning inside me start to fade. It was like the cold weather, along with the intense depression I was feeling, had reached inside me to the very heart of my soul and frozen me solid. I watched as they lowered her casket in to the ground, holding on to my younger sister as she wept uncontrollably. She was only nine and too young to have to be without a mother but at fourteen was I any better. My mother had died a week before the funeral, after being hit by a drunk driver on her way home from watching my first high school football game. A car driving the opposite way on the highway flew across the grass median and slammed head first into my mom. She was already dead when the ambulance got there from causes I am not sure of. I do know that whatever they were they prohibited me from seeing her at peace in an open casket. “Sam. Sam!” “Oh, sorry baby were you saying something?” “Obviously nothing important,” said Elli, “How is your steak?” “It’s good.” “What were you thinking about?” “I don’t know, I’m really stressed out about what I’m going to do next year with school. I still have no clue where I am going to go.” I had offers to play football at Oklahoma which was where I had always wanted to go but Elli was going to be staying in Virginia and attending University of Virginia. I would also be able to play there but it was not a great football school and I would not get the recognition that could easily propel me into the National Football League in years to come.
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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 “Well you know where I think you should go,” Elli said. “Yah but wouldn’t you like to have your husband play in the NFL and make a great salary so I could support our family.” We had been together for over two and a half years now and talking about marriage didn’t scare either of us. I knew that I was going to marry her but I didn’t know what future plans I was willing to give up at this exact moment. “I’d rather not be without you for four years though and I don’t really know how we would be able to stay together with such a distance between us. “I know, I definitely have a lot to think about.” “When do you have to decide by again?” “Monday.” “That’s only three days! You better figure it out babe.” “Yah, I better.” As I was driving home from dinner I couldn’t help but dwell on the pending decision that lay so heavy on my heart and mind. After months of thinking about it I still was completely on
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Life Decisions 12-6-07 - Ryan Wisneski December 6 2007 Life...

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