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Re-Do - Ryan Wisneski State Champs The day had finally come...

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Ryan Wisneski September 20, 2007 State Champs The day had finally come; today was the first game of his senior baseball season. There wasn’t much that Jared looked forward to that had to do with school except for when that last bell of the day rang it and he could get on with his day. His grades were just about his least prized possession, not part of his many talents, that is if you can even call them his. In the classes that the teachers did not give him his grades he had many classmates that were more than happy to let him peek over during the tests or copy the homework before class. Because of his lack of academic talents he rarely attended a full day of school and when he even attended class he did more talking then he ever did listening. Today was different though, he would not be going to his girlfriend’s house after class, he was going to work today. Baseball was his job and this marked the first day of his senior year baseball season. Florida High School has always been known for its great sports programs. Athletes would flock there and apply into the magnet program so that they could go to the school if they didn’t live in the district. It was an old school which was a rather sore sight to look at. There was old paint that was chipping off the walls, and the graffiti graced them from the gangs that ran rampant in the school. It was not known as an academically praised learning facility, not many ‘D’ schools were. Students that were zoned there were from the ghetto and kids that chose to go there came for the sports. It was an honor play for the Bulldogs. Last year as juniors they posted twenty wins with only four losses. That was assumed to be a rebuilding year since the team had only one senior and had just lost eight seniors the year before. They stunned everyone that year by winning a spring break tournament and making it to regionals. This year the expectations included bring a State Championship to Florida High.
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The day of school couldn’t finish fast enough for those on the team that were daydreaming about the game tonight. Players wore their jerseys to class to advertise the home game. The cafeteria talked strayed from the usual of this week’s girls and the parties last weekend and the ones to come. Today everyone was stoked to be playing the first game of the year tonight and knew that the whole state would be there. The games were always packed and tonight’s expectations were nothing less. They were playing the Central Lakes High Broncos who was their district rivals and always a tough opponent. Last year they had beaten the Bulldogs three times in as many games and now it was payback. This was not only just a tough opening day game but it was a high profile game for any point of the season.
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