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Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation - impressing as possible My first story I...

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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 Self Evaluation This was a very well taught class and I enjoyed taking it and would recommend it to anyone that may be thinking about taking an English class. I did tend to struggle in this class, not in the assigned readings or quizzes but on the creativity side of making up an entertaining short story. I had never written a story before and really did not know where to begin or how to create something that I would not be ashamed to put my name on. I’m not the most creative person and making up six to twelve pages of an entertaining story just about killed me. I do feel like accomplished everything that I could have wanted. I did become a better writer and it was also the first English class that I looked at not as a requirement but as a truly enjoyable class. My revisions are much better than the original works and I put a lot of work into making them as
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Unformatted text preview: impressing as possible. My first story I totally re-wrote a completely different story so although my new story does not have a revision from you I did go over it and revise a couple times. It was also hard to revise the works in the way that you wanted to because I never had revised anything in such an intense way as writing a whole new story. I believe that I performed exceptionally well in this class and I definitely showed tremendous progress in my writings from one draft to the next. I also believe that on all the quizzes and readings I did extremely well on and I think I may have only missed one quiz question. Overall I think this was a great class and you made it interesting, educational and worth taking. In the end I feel that I became a much better writer and I am proud about the stories that I wrote and revised....
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