SMASHED 9-2-07

SMASHED 9-2-07 - Laughing screaming Cup after cup empties...

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Ryan Wisneski 9-2-07 SMASHED Driving to the party Car packed, music blaring Pre-gaming in the car A red light, time to chug Clicking open of cans A cool bitterness Flowing down your throat Gulp, gulp, gulp Green light Drunken karaoke Arrive at the party Staggering, sluring Smells of beer, marijuana A hint of vomit Escapes from the bathroom Greeting other friends, socializing Quarters clinking against the table
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Unformatted text preview: Laughing, screaming Cup after cup empties Stomach full, room spinning Your party is over Sink into the drivers seat Eyes half closed, face numb The ride begins Windows down, winds gusts at your face Music loud to stay awake Bright lights, panic Swerve right, glass shattering, flying Metal crushing, intense pain, silence smashed...
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