State Champs 9-20-07

State Champs 9-20-07 - Ryan Wisneski State Champs Finally...

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Ryan Wisneski September 20, 2007 State Champs Finally it was here, Baseball Season. The day had come for the first day of tryouts but for those of us that were already on the team last year it was our first day of practice. It wasn’t much of a real practice for us because all the incoming freshman and upperclassmen that hadn’t made varsity were on the field using it to try to catch a coach’s eye. Those that tried out were trying to impress the coach enough to stay and practice with us, which was an honor in itself. We have always had a great baseball program, and this year with the majority of the team being seniors, we expected nothing less than greatness. Florida High School has always been known for its great sports programs. Athletes would flock there and applying into the magnet program so that they could go to the school if they were not zoned for it. It was an old school which was a rather sore sight to look at. There was old paint that was chipping off the walls, and the graffiti graced them from the gangs that ran rampant in the school. It was not known as an academically praised learning facility, not many ‘D’ schools were. Students that were zoned there were from the ghetto and kids that chose to go there came for the sports. It was an honor play for the Bulldogs. Last year as juniors we posted twenty wins with only four losses. That was assumed to be our rebuilding year since we had only one senior and had just lost eight seniors the year before. We stunned everyone that year by making it to regionals and winning a spring break tournament. This year we expected only perfection. The practice was quite uneventful that day except for a speech that our head coach Jack Brown gave us at the end of practice. “I know many of you are still dwelling on the season last year and what a great run we had going 28-4. Yah it was a good year you killed everyone’s expectations that it was a rebuilding year for us. Well we don’t rebuild…We fuckin’ reload! We
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had a good team last year, and we showed the state. This year we’re on the map. I know you all have seen the preseason rankings and I congratulate you on being ranked number one in the state of Florida that’s a huge accomplishment. So what! It only matters though who is ranked that after the State Championship in May. You are on the map now. It’s gonna be a tough season everyone knows were loaded and that means that every game teams are gonna be comin for our heads. We know were stacked and this year, and unlike last year, they do too. That means every single game we are going to be seeing the Ace of every pitching staff. We are going to face the big names that all the scouts come to see. We have some good talent our, games are going to be packed with scouts, college and professional so you guys have to help the youngins that we keep, these kids are not gonna be ready to play in front of a crowd like this. Most of all you guys need to work harder than everyone else cause every team is gonna play their best games against you. Beating a team of your caliber would make their season and I know you don’t want to make
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State Champs 9-20-07 - Ryan Wisneski State Champs Finally...

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