The Other Side 11-1-07

The Other Side 11-1-07 - Ryan Wisneski November 1 2007 The...

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Ryan Wisneski November 1, 2007 The Other Side This had to be the longest car ride of her life. Sasha was so anxious to get to her new home that every minute seemed to stretch itself into an hour and she was very impatient. It was only about a three hour car ride but with four people in a two door Acura, the car ride felt like an eternity. Sasha was not a fun person to be in the back seat with for an extended period of time either, her fidgeting, poking, and constant mumbling almost drove Alyssa to the point of insanity. She tried hard to stay as far from her as possible but with ten inches between them there wasn’t much either could do. Sasha proceeded in continuing her annoyance, she couldn’t help it so no one blamed her or yelled at her for it but it was a constant bother that undoubtedly pissed off the other members of the family and had them just as anxious to reach the destination. As they pulled up the long, gravel driveway they saw for the first time the main building that looked like a miniature Whitehouse coming into view from behind the line of trees. The two girls were in awe of the beauty of the place. Sasha was so happy that she would be able to go to school here and Alyssa hoped that this would start the much needed change in her troubled sister’s life. When they finally reached the building, Sasha and Alyssa could not wait to get out of the car, each for their own reasons. Alyssa watched her sister approach the front door in an almost primitive manner that she did so many times when she was exploring something for the first time. She wouldn’t go in until after her parents and just paced back and forth in front of the door wanting to go in but to unsure to venture through the door. 1
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Ryan Wisneski November 1, 2007 This took a few minutes to reach the door as Mr. and Mrs. Merriman were reluctant to leave the car and begin the process of moving their 16 year old daughter into her new home. “I never thought that I would be in this situation, Russell. I’m her mother how could I let this happen!” “It’s not your fault Lisa, it’s no one’s fault, and this is the best thing for her. This is something that has to be done for her sake. Now be strong for me, baby, and let’s go inside and handle this.” As the two exited the car, a tear trickled down Lisa’s cheek going without notice from Russell or the girls. The two walked from the car hand in hand each seeking a sense of reassurance and strength coming from the others tight grip. The walk to the front door seemed longer than the car ride for Mrs. Merriman, with each step the weight of the world seemed to come crashing down on her. This was the doorway to her daughter’s new life without her mother and although Sasha seemed more than ready, Lisa was being torn apart inside. Once the family entered ‘B-Block’, as Alyssa referred to it, they approached the front
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The Other Side 11-1-07 - Ryan Wisneski November 1 2007 The...

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