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The Other Side $$

The Other Side $$ - Ryan Wisneski December 6 2007 The Other...

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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 The Other Side I know for a fact that this had been the longest car ride of my life. I couldn’t wait to get there and it seemed like every minute continued to torture me the best it could by stretching itself into an hour. I guess it was only supposed to be a three hour car ride but with five people in that shitty two door Acura, it seemed to last for an eternity. It was not fun to be in the back seat with two other people either. Auden was sitting next to me and would not stop her fidgeting, poking, and constant mumbling that would almost drive me to the point of insanity. I kept telling her to stop and move over because she was practically laying on me and although Alyssa was on the other side of her she was not even close to her. I guess that was just Auden’s nature to be annoying and to always persist her annoyance no matter how many times I would try to push her off of tell her to stop. My parents would never yell at her and I wondered why because she was just my friend and the sole reason they were taking us to this new school in the first place. We were both really anxious to reach our destination though, me, for more reasons than one. As we pulled up the long, stone driveway I saw for the first time the main building that looked like a miniature Whitehouse coming into view from behind the line of trees. Auden and I were in awe of how gorgeous the building was and we were both anticipating getting out and being able to move in. When we finally reached the building, we all could not wait to get out of the car, each for our own reasons, I think even my parents were happy to get away from us. “Hurry up Sasha, what are you waiting for?” Auden yelled as she ran up to the front door looking back at me to see where I was. When I reached the door she asked why I looked so primitive in the way I approached the door but it was new to me and I was still trying to take it all in. We got to the front door and both wanted to go in but I would not hear of it until my parents were there and went through the door first. “Mom, Dad, hurry up.”
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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 “We’re coming Sasha, your father and I were just talking.” “I don’t care I wanna go in now.” When my family finally made it to the door we walked in and went to the front desk that loomed straight ahead of us. “Hi, we’re here to check in Sasha Merriman,” my mom said. Me, Auden, and Alyssa wandered around the lobby, if you could call it that, while my parents filled out the papers and talked to the lady. There wasn’t really anywhere to sit like a normal lobby, when you walked in there was the front desk that was directly in front of you. To the left a wall ran from the desk to the other east wall. On the right of the desk was the same wall but with a white door just to the right of the front desk window. The door looked rather plain and it was surprising that just beyond this simple door was independence and a whole new life for Auden and me.
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