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Things Learned 11-19-07 - taught me how to forgive and...

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Ryan Wisneski December 6, 2007 Things Learned My knees were weak and my stomach churned as I walked up to the podium. I was not mentally prepared for this moment but who in my situation would be. When I got to there I quietly cleared my throat, took a deep breath and began. “My life with you my love has been more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. Over the years you have taught me so many things that have intimately touched me down to the very depths of my soul. You have taught me admiration in the way I look at your accomplishments. You have taught me how to care in a way I never thought possible. You have taught me how to completely depend on someone and know they will not falter. You have gotten me in touch with my deepest emotions and I have never felt happier. You have
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Unformatted text preview: taught me how to forgive and later joke about the things that we once argued over. You have taught me what it is to truly fall in love and find that person that means more to you than life itself. You have taught me such deep passions that I now live every part of my life with. You have taught me respect by always giving me the utmost amount in every situation. You have taught me how to trust you with every bone in my body, even in the bleakest circumstances. You have taught me that it is ok to be vulnerable and you have seen me in the most extreme cases. Most of all you have taught me everything that I now call my entire world. There is one thing that you never taught me however, you never taught me how to live without you, and I doubt I will ever learn....
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