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Handicap Essay 3-30-08

Handicap Essay 3-30-08 - Ryan Wisneski Hum3321 Short...

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Ryan Wisneski March 30, 2008 Hum3321 Short Essay #3 In the article A Handicap is Made, Not Born written by Leo Buscaglia the author takes a clear cut approach to advising the reader of the possible misconceptions of people who are physically disabled. Buscaglia addresses the issues that these people face every day and the negative stereotypes that are associated with them. There are many people that assume a certain handicap to be more crippling then it actual is but through this article the author strives to remind us that handicaps are made through these assumptions. One of the biggest problems for those who suffer from physical handicaps are the negative connotation that comes along with it on the mental side of health. For example people who are deaf must obviously be less educated and not have the capability of learning as much as those who are not; we know this to be completely false and as ridiculous as it may seem this is a common stereotype.
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