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Media in Politics - Ryan Wisneski HUM3321-21 Due: April 21,...

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Ryan Wisneski HUM3321-21 Due: April 21, 2008 Media in Politics The effect that media has on politics may seem to be only slight or having small influence in the laws that are made and the platforms that each candidates run on, but this is completely false. The media’s influence upon politics has been ever increasing and the majority of Americans choose their candidates based on this knowledge alone as it is the easiest way to get information about the candidates into the public eye. Media affects politics through many different forms whether it is newspapers, television, movies, radio or other fast growing forms of media including the rapidly growing internet. The media in The United States are among the most free and vast source of media that is found throughout the entire world. “Americans literally have thousands of available options to find political reporting” (Ginsberg, Lowi and Weir). This huge amount of resources that we as Americans have allows for us to be educated through many different sources and thus eliminate the biases that may be prevalent in some news sources. American media also has the great privilege of being able to express one’s self through their works without having to worry about a censorship that they may have to follow in accordance with the government. The government’s role in the American media is meant to be a minimal amount and the media does not let it happen any other way. Our right to freedom of speech allows for so many different types of media to be in circulation in The United States as they represent every separate view in the politicians and also the voters’ minds. The most important source that this media has access to is the newspaper which remains critically important although it is not the primary source of news for most Americans anymore. The newspaper has three main reasons that it remains important for as We the People states. “First, the broadcast rely on leading newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington
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Post to set their news agenda” (Ginsberg, Lowi and Weir). The broadcast media does not engage in much reporting but actually takes the primary cover stories that have already been reported by the leading newspapers and then elaborates by putting them into in their own top news stories. A second reason for the continued importance of the print media is the detail that comes with each article and there is always a better context for political analysis then is offered on the television news snippets. This is elaborating on what was said earlier because all the stories that are originally taken from the print media are never covered in such detail as they first are when they
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Media in Politics - Ryan Wisneski HUM3321-21 Due: April 21,...

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