Munich Movie Review 2-3-08

Munich Movie Review 2-3-08 - Ryan Wisneski February 3, 2008...

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Ryan Wisneski February 3, 2008 Munich Movie Review The film Munich by the world renowned producer Steven Spielberg truly captivates its audience whether they come to see a recreation of such a horrible event, the underlying themes, or simply to enjoy the latest thriller. Munich is created based on the events that took place at the Olympic games in Germany in the year of 1972. The movie was based on the book written by George Jonas, Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team and other than the first scenes that show parts of the hostage situation in which the Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September takes the Jewish Olympians and coaches captive, the movie is based on the later events of the Israelis. From there five men are hired by the Jewish government agency to perform in a counter-terrorism operation to take down the different leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group the P.L.O. In the movie the main character Avner, played by Eric Bana, is constantly show
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