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Unformatted text preview: Ryan Wisneski February 24 th , 2008 HUM3321 Stereotyping Essay Stereotyping is used throughout many movies to further the understanding of the character to the viewers and thus heightening the effectiveness of the movie. Stereotypes are not only used in movies however unfortunately they are used in everyday in normal life circumstances some even going undetected. The use of these stereotypes in the everyday situations allow for the slightest use in the films to be so effective in portraying each character and situation in the ways that the director intended. In visiting the website assigned dealing with hidden stereotypes hidden bias that I may have been unaware of prior to the surveys was made known. The results did not surprise me in the fact that it displayed that I was not biased in determining between white and black people but the results were so small that there was no bias detected. On the other hand in an experiment that dealt with a hidden bias between myself and others the results showed that I was biased in the...
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