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Extra Credit Assignment - Ryan Wisneski POS1041-02 Due:...

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Ryan Wisneski POS1041-02 Due: April 17, 2008 Assignment #2 1. Summarize the main points of the article. In this article the author Amy Harmon writes specifically about the ‘surreptitious sampling’ method of acquiring the DNA of any suspect that they could not get a court order for. This surreptitious sampling method would be for example following a suspect around without his/her knowledge and waiting for them to finish a meal to then take their drinking cup for processing. As this method is becoming more and more accepted the margin for error is becoming smaller for the police officers who attempt this DNA recovery. The major problem with this method is the possibility that it violates the Fourth Amendment of our right to privacy. By covertly acquiring this DNA there is no probable cause to gain this DNA and thus violates our civil liberties. This article goes on to state specific cases in which this has happened recently and how the officers have been able to obtain the accused’s DNA. 2. What are some current debates surrounding this issue? There are always many debates that go on about the civil liberties we enjoy as Americans and
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Extra Credit Assignment - Ryan Wisneski POS1041-02 Due:...

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