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Ryan Wisneski March 6, 2008 POS1041 Question Response Although in the past it may have been very easy to cite distinct similarities between the Republican and Democratic parties that does not seem to be the case today, they are more like exact opposites. In the past critics say that the parties were extremely similar and the line between them would seem to be blurred. Years later there is a distinct line between the two parties with the liberals on the one side and the conservatives on the other. On the liberal side the view of the many political issues are much different than that of the conservative and tends to be associated strongly with the Democratic Party. In the business aspect of the beliefs, liberals believe in and support of the small businesses in their quest to expand and not be overrun by the large corporations. Other main concerns of the Democratic Party revolve around: supporting abortion, opposing prayer in public schools, supporting affirmative action, advocates universal health care, higher taxes on wealthy
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