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Emotion, Personality, Psychological Disorders, & Treatment PSY 2012 Section 4 Spring 2008 Exam Date: April 15th, 2008 Covers Chapters 13, 15, 16, & 17 As always, videos/demos are fair game for the exam. I. Know and be able to apply these emotion terms from the lecture and/or textbook: Emotion (definition) James-Lange Theory Cannon-Bard Theory Schacter’s Two-Factor Theory spillover catharsis Feel-good, do-good phenomenon How many basic emotions are there? Given examples, be able to differentiate between the theories of emotion. What roles do the components of the autonomic nervous system play in emotion? In general, what is the optimal level of arousal? How does optimal arousal level relate to task difficulty? Various studies show that people tend to notice _______ faces quicker than happy ones Are there gender differences in expression of emotion? Whose emotions are easier to read – introverts or extraverts? Who is better at reading emotions? We are naturally (i.e., biologically) afraid of some things like injuring ourselves but many fears are ___________. What structure in the brain is associated with learning fear? What happens if it is damaged?
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