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Reparations Paper 10-15-07

Reparations Paper 10-15-07 - Ryan Wisneski 1,568 words...

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Ryan Wisneski October 15, 2007 1,568 words Reparations Case In the case of reparations our position at Wisneski & Associates is in opposition to this principle to pay all African-Americans for the wrong doings and agony that was inflicted on some of their ancestors. Wisneski & Associates takes this stance based on the many facts that this would bring about serious negative consequences for the economy and government of the United States and how unrealistic the suggestion of this idea truly is. Although the slaves did surely suffer a large sum of money given to all African-Americans would not alleviate the past and heritage for these people. Reparations are not reasonable because it cannot be achieved in a truly fair way; many African-Americans that are looking to benefit from these reparations did not have ancestors that were enslaved or even in the United States at this time. Reparations are a goal that is both unjustified and unrealistic for the United States government to pay all African- Americans for their culture’s suffering. A major problem with this fantasized idea is, there is no group that solely responsible for slavery in its entirety. “Slavery existed for thousands of years before the Atlantic slave trade was born, and in all societies” (Horowitz). Africans were enslaved in Africa by Arabs and other Africans before they were sold over through the Slave trade across the Atlantic into the United States. Bishop Bartolome De Las Casas said in the 1500’s that slavery was helpful to humanity and that Africans were the perfect race because of their strength and natural athleticism. The slaves in Africa differed from the ones that had to travel the middle passage to America as they had some rights and could marry into the family and gain status in the social ladder but beyond that the institution was similar. These Africans groups started slavery and enslaved their own
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Ryan Wisneski October 15, 2007 1,568 words people but did not see it as that. They did enslave other Africans but they were split into many tribes and would enslave captives from rival tribes, not seen as their people. To help present this case a quick background on slavery will be given.
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Reparations Paper 10-15-07 - Ryan Wisneski 1,568 words...

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