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Ryan Wisneski Due: February 1, 2009 AMH1050 Essay # 1 Option #1 Chapter 1: Quote #1; Page #5: “is there no nation wise enough, brave enough, and strong enough to restore peace in this bloodsmitten land?” This is a quote that came out in Pulitzer’s New York World newspaper during the Cuban revolution referring to the ferocity of the guerrilla warfare that was taking place. The World and Hearst’s newspaper the New York Journal were always competing each day to get the bigger headline using ‘yellow journalism’. This was just a way to elaborate or even sometimes make up stories so that one newspaper was able to have the bigger headline. This quote sends a plea to the American people to become more involved with the war and even possibly help the Cuban’s in their revolution. With the ‘yellow journalism’ continuing a story soon comes out that sets events in motion to eventually bring the United States in to War on Spain to help in the Cuban Revolution. Quote #2; Page # 3: “Ignorant Catholic Spanish negroes” This quote is said by a newspaper editor E. L. Godkin talking about the Cubans saying that we should not colonize and expand the United States and with that called the people of Cuba ‘ignorant Catholic Spanish negroes’. This started because with the book Influence of Sea Power on History written by Mahan the United States began to think about expanding outward and one of the main points in the book was to have a powerful military a nation must have places for their boats to rest and refuel…like surrounding island colonies. Godkin was an anti-imperialist and did not support the colonization of other countries and was more interested in addressing the
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Ryan Wisneski Due: February 1, 2009 AMH1050 issues on American soil. This was not the consensus of the American people and government however as America began to expand outside the contingent states meanwhile going against their own Monroe Doctrine in the process. Quote #3; Page #5: “Does Our Flag Protect Women?”
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Essay 1 - Ryan Wisneski Due February 1 2009 AMH1050 Essay 1...

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