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Ryan Wisneski AML 2600 Due: September 17 th , 2009 Everyday Use Response In this short story written by Alice Walker the author links the main characters flaws to the bondage of slavery and how it is as an institution takes the freedom from those held down by it both mentally and physically. In this story the main character, who is only referred to as Mama by her children or I as the narrator of the story, is imprisoned within her own body in the way she feels towards being overweight and also manlier than most women. The character describes herself with resentment and the disheartening tone can be felt in the way she speaks. The reader is really able to see how broken down she is when her daughter comes home and tries to take all of her most valued possessions for her own. The lack of confrontation shows how helpless she feels to say no to her daughter and stand up for herself. This submission is meant to reflect the submission that slaves were required to show to their masters with disregard to the
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Unformatted text preview: situation. Also in the story the youngest Daughter Maggie shows these same characteristics in the way she is self conscious about the way she looks and walks, the results of a fire she was caught in during her childhood. Maggie is always aware of the burns she has on her legs from the fire and is extremely insecure about people being able to see them. This fire is also symbolic of slavery in how it strips from the slaves everything they have and the effects or ‘scars’ are forever seen by the people that were dehumanized by it. The fire takes the only thing that Mama has which is her house with the possessions she holds dear to her and leaves her with nothing but her family. The effects of slavery are strongly portrayed throughout this very short story but the author does an excellent job of showing the reader these harrowing effects....
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