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Ryan Wisneski Due: October 13, 2009 AML 2600 Like A Winding Sheet Response In the short story “Like a Winding Sheet” by Ann Petry the main character is followed through what seems to be a normal day at work and in his life until the resolution comes in the form of his fists. The character, whose name is never revealed, is extremely stressed by all the situations that surrounded his day from the soreness in his legs he attributes to a lack of sleep to the discrimination he thinks he feels when he tries to order coffee. I believe that there are multiple factors that can be recognized as the cause for the character to finally snap. The first has to do with his own frustration when it comes to hearing the N word or feeling discriminated. Even when he orders coffee and the coffee pot is out and the waitress tells him there won’t be coffee for a while he takes that as an act of discrimination.
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Unformatted text preview: He is quick to see racism in others words and actions and hearing the word nigger come out of his wifes mouth is part of what finally sets him off. The other major contributor to his snap is the evident lack of sleep that brings about an already ornery man. The character is in a terrible mood from the second he wakes up and feels the need to lash out to let his emotions that he has kept bottled up overtake his common sense. Unfortunately his kind sweet cheerful wife who does nothing wrong, is at the wrong end of this anger. When she says the word nigger even in a joking manner this word triggers the characters rage and with all his built up anger, that has probably been manifesting for years as he mentions they never argue, finally comes bursting out in a violent attack on the woman he loves the most....
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