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Ryan Wisneski AML 2600 Due: September 24 th , 2009 My Theme for English B Ms. Culp said, Go home and write A poem tonight And let that page reflect a theme From Langston Hughes’ English B What could I write? I am not a poet, not a very creative writer, Just a normal college student that enjoys Being out of the classroom more than in it An athlete that would rather have a baseball In my hand then any writing utensil I am not a bad student I am very successful in my studies More so then baseball games I put much more time in baseball to achieve less If I put more time in studies I could be even better But who doesn’t enjoy games over work.
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Unformatted text preview: I am not a bad person for feeling like this I do enjoy school work at times just not always I will never put off an assignment or not Put my all into something that has my name on it I just don’t have a fond love of school work As I do with the game of baseball This is me, all of me You get exactly what you see I will be nothing more to impress you I can only truly change for me This does not mean that I am alone A selfish loner with no one to love I do know love and love knows me Again this is me, I hope this is everything u wanted from me, In my theme for English B...
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