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Slave Narrative Movie - The young children that were born...

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Ryan Wisneski AML2600 Slave Narrative Movie In the Slave Narrative movie there were many graphic pictures and stories of terrible treatment of the slaves by their owners. Many were brutally beaten, raped, and sometimes killed over the smallest things and even just on the owner’s whim. One thing that really hit me the hardest was the age of the young slaves that were given as property to the children and made to play with them.
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Unformatted text preview: The young children that were born into slavery were treated the same as the adults and that really got to me hearing how young they were. I never realized the early age that the children were forced into slave labor with even some being forced to work in the fields at the young age of four. These facts were something that I had never heard before and really shocked me when they were talking about these horrid facts....
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