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The Ethics of Living Jim Crow Response

The Ethics of Living Jim Crow Response - Negro maids so the...

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Ryan Wisneski AML 2600 Due Date: October 27 th , 2009 The Ethics of Living Jim Crow Response In the Ethics Living Jim Crow written by Richard Wright, the author talks about his life growing up and the lessons he learned about acceptable behavior for a young black man in a racist society. The different accounts have the author at different time periods in his life and in many different situations but all show something that is unjust and cruel in the treatment of African Americas by White people. The excerpt that had the most effect on me came from his time working as a bell hop when he tells the situation about his friend. This had the most effect on me because it is something that I had never heard of in regards to the discrimination of black people. In this story, the bell-boy is arrested because he has spent a lot of time with one of the
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Unformatted text preview: Negro maids so the police arrested him accusing him of bastardy. What really caught my attention in this is how they forced him to marry her and when the child arrived it was evident that the child was white. But more than that they worked in a “hotel” which was nothing more than a whore house and with white men coming through all the time to meet with prostitutes for an hour or two how this is such a disgrace. Both the man and women were of African American descent but it is obvious the authorities did not want a black man to be with any women white or black. This really took me by surprise and showed me something that I was not aware of prior to reading this passage....
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