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Environment Notes 2-27-09 Environment- anything around an organism - Biotic (living) components- ex. human - Abiotic (nonliving) components- ex. desks, rug, temperature Major Environmental Issues- 1. Overpopulation- Every second 5 babies are born and 2 people die - increasing at 100 million a year - 12 million people a year die of starvation - 18 million die from diseases made worse from malnutrition - 2. Depletion of Resources - Resource- any useful material supplied by the environment - Renewable resources - Nonrenewable resources- ex. Fossil fuels - Intangible resources- ex. Sunset 3. Pollution- anything that makes a resource less useful or non-useful
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Unformatted text preview: - Natural pollution- Anthropogenic pollution 4. Human attitude 4- people have bad attitude about environment- issues dont affect us Sustainable Society Ethic 1. Control Population size 2. Use resources wisely 3. Use renewable resources whenever possible 4. Recycle nonrenewable resources whenever possible -EXTRA-Urethra- only part of urinary system in women If Pregnancy occurs-Egg must be fertilized in fallopian tube-Rich blood lines uterus once a month to host fertilized egg-During labor smooth muscle in uterus contract to open cervix If Pregnancy does NOT occur-Uterus lines with rich blood every month-Unfertilized egg along with blood is released every month...
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