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Assignment 3 - Ryan Wisneski Wednesday 17th 2010 CCJ2000...

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Ryan Wisneski Wednesday 17 th , 2010 CCJ2000 Assignment #3 1. In the first newspaper article, a young couple has been found dead in Milwaukee, both shot to death in the women’s home. The man that has been arrested for the crime but has not been proven guilty yet is the women’s ex-lover who she has a child with. With the facts of the crime the criminal was definitely rational and made the choice to go to her house and murder the women and man, Mario Brown. A few things could have contributed to this crime with the first and most prominent being jealousy. When there is a domestic crime of such magnitude not only jealousy comes into play though, lust, anger, and revenge all can be argued as a main component that led to this individuals criminal behavior. 2. In the second article, Brandon Williams was charged with murder with a gun specification, felonious assault and abuse of a corpse in the murder of his mother. This man killed his mother who he lived with and then lived with her body lying on the living
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