Assignment 5 - who sexually abused her throughout her life....

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Ryan Wisneski March 19, 2010 Assignment #5 1. With the most unfortunate way that Dylan has been raised thus far with the crippling acts that his mother performed on him and how she has scarred him it is more than likely that Dylan will become a sex offender. Even more so when you read further on and see that he has already started to act out, touching young girls in the way his mother has told him to and masturbating in public without the smallest sense of wrong. You cannot for sure infer that Dylan will definitely be a sex offender but society has already labeled him as one. To be so young, at an age that he is unable to determine right from wrong and to be sexually abused by his mother being taught that it is right. 2. The future for Dylan does not look too bright but he is not totally lost. Although many will have counted him off he is still very young and with tremendous help change what the future holds for him. He has been trained to be a sex offender in the ways his mother has raised him, things she no doubt learned from her father
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Unformatted text preview: who sexually abused her throughout her life. Dylans age, five, is a critical time for him to begin his transformation as this is the age where he will remember things that happened to him and he starts to truly develop his own personality, which right now, needs to be changed. 3. Reading this story and seeing his family history and his parents backgrounds society would no doubt label him as a sex offender. This will unfortunately most likely become true as this is how he has been raised and what he has been taught Ryan Wisneski March 19, 2010 what was right. Society already sees him a sex offender as he has already been caught in some actions of a sex offender. To be so young and so criminally evolved it would be extremely difficult to change but in time hopefully he is able to break through the restraints society has placed on him and break the family cycle of sexual abuse....
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Assignment 5 - who sexually abused her throughout her life....

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