Test Review #1 - Positive Living Test 1 Review Definition...

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Positive Living Test 1 Review Definition of Holistic Health- Being sound in body, mind and spirit; not only absence of disease but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being. The Dimensions of Health- 1. Physical Health- good physical fitness and confidence in one’s personal ability to take care of health problems 2. Psychological Health- both emotional and mental status of our feelings and thoughts 3. Spiritual Health- the ability to identify one’s basic purpose in life & to achieve one’s full potential; sense of connectedness to a greater power 4. Social Health- the ability to interact effectively with other people & the social 5. Intellectual Health- ability to think and learn from experience, openness to ideas, 6. Environmental Health- impact your world has on your well-being Wellness- purposeful, enjoyable living; a deliberate lifestyle choice characterized by personal The Transtheorectical Model of Change- Stages: 1. Pre-contemplations- Individuals have no intentions of making a change in next 6 months 2. Contemplation- Individuals are aware they have a problem and behavior & are considering changing within the next six months 3. Preparation- Individuals intend to change a problem behavior with the next month 4. Action- Individuals are modifying their behavior according to their plan 5. Maintenance- Individuals have to continue to work out changing their behavior 6. Termination- Often after 2 to 5 yrs behaviors can become so deeply ingrained in a person that a person that a person cannot imagine abandoning it. Autonomy-
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Test Review #1 - Positive Living Test 1 Review Definition...

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