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Ryan Wisneski Due: 9-15-08 Homework Assignment #1 Through many experiences in my life including past work experiences and also athletics I have improved my management skills and each part of the basic function of management. There are four basic functions of management: Planning, Organizing, Influencing, and Controlling and I have gotten better at each of these four through my experiences. The first basic principle of management is planning or choosing the tasks that must be performed to obtain the predetermined goals of the group. The majority of this experience comes from my athletic career, mostly baseball, in which I was the team captain and got my entire high school baseball team to come to summer and fall workouts when the team was not official and our spring season had not started yet. In the off season I ran the drills as the coaches were not allowed to be there according to the FHSAA rules because there is not allowed to be any team workouts before January. I set goals for us to reach with weightlifting, conditioning, as
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Homework Assignment #1 - Ryan Wisneski Due Homework...

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