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Online Letter of Agreement - Online Letter of Agreement...

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Online Letter of Agreement Introduction to Management MAN2021 Name Ryan Wisneski Phone numbers Day (same) Night (same) Cell 561-603-6475 Please indicate online courses previously completed CGS2060 (at FSU) I understand that I must purchase or have access to a textbook before the beginning of class so that I do not get behind schedule. I will regularly review the course BlackBoard system to access course requirements. I will ask questions or request clarification of the assignments and course content in a timely manner. I can post questions on the Office Hour forum on the Discussion Board and receive a response from the instructor and/or my peers. I understand that the quizzes and assignments will be conducted online but the chapter exams and the final exam will be taken in a proctored environment in the Testing Center. I understand that assignments and discussions must be completed and submitted on time to receive full credit. 90% credit will be given to those submitting an assignment or discussion response
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