Research Project - Ryan Wisneski MAN2021 Due: December 2,...

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Ryan Wisneski MAN2021 Due: December 2, 2008 Research Project- My Managerial Profile In management there are many different aspects that come together to make up the managerial profile of each individual. The way that these aspects are looked at and addressed changes depending on the individual and even can change multiple times throughout the years as situations are adjusted to and as new ways of thinking are adapted to. There are many different things that go into a person’s managerial profile but some of the main issues are: Strategic planning; plans and planning tools; organizing; responsibility, authority and delegation; managing human resources; organizational change; influence and communication. These topics are the strongest blocks in building a good manager and are therefore carefully assessed and enforced. The first concept of strategic planning comes into play before any project can even get off the ground. This takes place when the manager first formulates plans that will help the organization to reach its short term goals and aspirations so that a successful business can be achieved. As Sheri Quick states in the blackboard discussion research is the first and most important part of planning so that the manager can determine what are effective ways to achieve the set goals as well as make other long term goals for the future of the business. This is the most important step in strategic planning as the project cannot move forward without much needed research. Another possibility is to visit with other businesses to see how they have been able to achieve their goals and also people of the community to see what they would expect out of such a business as Sophie Hart states. The problem with this is that some people will not always give true or helpful advice whether intentional as a competing business may do or uneducated answers as may happen when the general public is involved. Brielle Emhof talks
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Ryan Wisneski MAN2021 Due: December 2, 2008 about making appointments to keep organization. This is not a huge concern in the aspect of strategic planning but making appointments between the owners and managers, and managers and employees is good to help the project get started with everyone on the right page and understanding their own role in the business. This moves the business on to the next stage of making plans for the business and applying the planning tools to get the job started. One of the most proven ways to do this is to show through diagrams and matrixes what is needed to get done and what are the best ways for the business to achieve it. Brielle Emhof comments about coordinating resources, time and responsibilities as these are three of the main factors that go into the early steps of managing. These factors are more geared toward the short term side of planning but planning for a business
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Research Project - Ryan Wisneski MAN2021 Due: December 2,...

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