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GS290book/asmt3.doc ASSIGNMENT SHEET 3 HOW TO MARK A TEXTBOOK Study the following techniques for improving your underlining/marking skills. Read and mark 3 pages of one of your most difficult textbooks. **You must use each technique below at least once. In addition to the pages you mark, photocopy the chapter’s title page, advance organizer, or the section of the table of contents that shows the breakdown of topics in the chapter. and bring to class for submission. 1. READ ACTIVELY React to what you read. Agree, disagree, or question; but stay involved with the text. 2. UNDERLINE AFTER READING Read an entire paragraph or section of a text and then go back and underline only the main points . Do not underline the first time you read the material. 3. KEY WORDS Remember you don't always need to underline whole sentences. Highlight /underline key words (usually subject and verb). This way you reduce the amount of verbiage you're trying to remember when studying for a test. 4. MARGIN NOTES Use the left margin to mark recall phrases, to summarize and
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