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09/30/1999GS290book\research.doc RESEARCH PROJECT Goals of Project - 1. To become familiar with Purdue's library system 2. To become comfortable with information system investigation and research 3. To investigate in depth three student success strategies 4. 4. To practice writing summaries 5. 5. To demonstrate proficiency of critical reading and personal reflection through writing. Library Tour As a preliminary to doing your research, your instructor will ask you to take a tour of the Undergraduate Library. The tour will help you become familiar with Purdue's Undergraduate Library. After you have taken the tour, you can begin the research for your project. The hours of the Hicks Undergraduate Library are here FallandSpringHours201011.html#allhours 1. Go to the Undergraduate Library iDesk. Identify yourself as a GS 290 student. Ask for the ipod tour materials, checklist and map. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2011 for the course GS 290 taught by Professor Downing during the Spring '11 term at Purdue.

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Research%20AssignmentSpring2011 -...

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