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COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Academic Success Center STUDY GUIDE – ORDER OF SUBMISSIOMN Put all the information in the proper order in a 2 pocket folder with your name, section number, day, and date of the conference on the front, upper right-hand corner of the folder. This should be a condensed version of your lecture notes and textbook notes and/or marking with a logical, well-organized pattern. In the right-hand pocket: 1. Grade sheet 2. 2 week study schedule – dead week and exam week 3. Rationale Page 4. Syllabus and other information detailing exam content 5. Copy of text’s table of contents – mark chapters included in study
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Unformatted text preview: guide 6. Chapters covered in body of study guide a. Start with Assignment 4 b. Put in summary sheets and concept maps (graphic overviews/and/or charts) in chronological order beginning with Assignment 4 7. Essay question and outline on one page a. Question is to be written at comprehension level II or III 8. Answer to essay question written in paragraph form on last page Index Cards (25 minimum ) – will be graded the day they are submitted, graded, and returned to you. They are to be brought to your final conference....
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