SAMPLE FOR RESEA - management and the ways to reduce stress Bibliography Bloomer K& Kendall A& Rawson H E(1994 Stress anxiety depression and

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SAMPLE FOR RESEARCH PROJECT Name________________ GS 290 Research Project October 1, 20__ __ Topic: Stress Management Why: I chose stress management because I feel that I am constantly being surrounded by stress. I am a very busy person who loves to work hard and give 110% to every task. I have reaped some of the benefits from this work ethic, such as scholarships, etc., but I have also been so emotionally and physically stressed that I just want a pillow and a week to sleep. Through this project, I hope to learn more about stress
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Unformatted text preview: management and the ways to reduce stress. Bibliography Bloomer, K., & Kendall, A. & Rawson, H. E. (1994). Stress, anxiety, depression, and physical illness in college students. The Journal of Tenetic Psychology, 155, 321-330. (SOCI) Fisher, S. (1994). Stress in academic life: The mental assembly line Bristol, PS: Open University Press. (CAT) Keillor, G, (Narrator). The Dakota conflict. (Videocassette No. 5790A). Botsford, CT. Filmic Archives. 02/20/117:14 A2/P2...
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