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SAMPLE FOR RESEARCH PROJECT Fisher, S. (1994). Stress in academic life: The mental assembly line . Bristol, PA: Open University Press. (CAT) This book explained how college students usually experience a great amount of stress as a result of homesickness and the increased workload. Also, the separation from parents has an impact on college students as well. The students feel that they are alone, and they have no control over their new environment so the transition from home to college is quite stressful in itself. Research shows that students are most stressed during the first six weeks of school, because they are trying to become acquainted with the new environment and atmosphere. The new study patterns, the demands of the university and its professors, and the financial management are overwhelming to the average college student. This book cited a few ways of coping with college stress. First of all, there are two different types of stress. The first type, problem-focused stress, involves analyzing
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