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Syllabus Knowledge and Your Target Course Name_______________________________________ 1. What is the name of your instructor? 2. What is the course name? 3. What is the location of your instructor’s office? ______ 3. When are his/her office hours? ______ 4. What is the instructor’s phone number? ______ 5. What is the instructor’s e-mail address? ______ 6. How many exams are there? What percent of your final grade are they? 7. How many quizzes are there? What percent of your grade are they? ______ 8. How many points are there for homework and in-class assignments? ______ 9. Is there a final? 10. Is there a research project? : a final project?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. If you lose your syllabus, what are three ways you may obtain the information? a. b. c. 12. What is the attendance policy in the course? 13. What is the policy if you miss a graded item? 14. What happens if you miss an exam? 15. What will happen if you turn in an assignment late? 16. How can you obtain information about this course in case of a major campus emergency? ______ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 17. When is your last day of class? ______...
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