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12/7/2009 1 PSY 120 Professor South 1. Experiencing Stress 2. Reacting to Stress 3. Reducing and Coping with Stress 4. Living a Healthy Lifestyle Announcements The last day for study participation to fulfill the research requirement is Saturday, Dec. 12 Review for Final Exam Thursday, Dec. 10 St d G id t d Bl kb d Study Guide posted on Blackboard Blackboard Extra Credit Quiz: Sat, Dec. 12, 9 am-Sat, Dec. 19 24 questions, 45 minutes Final Exam : 12/19/09 EE 129 10:20-12:20 50 questions: Chapters 12, 14, 15, 16 50 questions: Cumulative 1-5, 7-11, 13 Final Grade for Class Points for highest midterm (out of 50) + Points for next highest midterm (out of 50) + Points for final (out of 100) + all possible EC points (none are dropped) = (Sum total of points for class) / by 200 points possible to get your percentage grade So, for example, 40 (80%) + 35 (70%) + 85 (85%) + 10 = 170 / 200 = 85% for the class ( B ) Health Psychology Close relationship between psychological state and physical reactions Psychological processes and emotions influence the etiology and progression of disease Health psychology: what are the psychological and environmental contributions to health? Stress: physical and psychological reactions to demanding situations (stressors) Stressors: The demanding or threatening situations that produce stress Response to Stress Psychological Reactions to Stress Emotional reactions may include fear, anger Others include sadness, dejection, grief Is stress ever psychologically beneficial? Possible benefits: Learning new skills Gaining confidence in one’s problem-solving skills May be important to have control and/or success in the stressful situation
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12/7/2009 2 Gender Differences Basic physiological response to stress does not
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stress - 12/7/2009 Stress & Health PSY 120 Professor...

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