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CDFS 255 Class Notes Chapter 2 Family Contexts:  The Many Facets of Family Life Chapter 2 An _______________ of Development 0. Developed by psychologist _______________ 0. Theory that multiple influences affect development over a lifetime 1. Individuals interact in multiple environments 2. Must understand the interactive relationships among the variables  in the contexts of development 3. Impact on relationships is bi-directional The Individual 1. Development is combination of  4. B_______________ 5. C_______________ 6. S_______________ 2. Microsystem – developmental context nearest to individual Elements of _______________ 3. Interaction focused on the individual 4. Influences are from the following 7. Family of Origin 8. Daycare/Schools 9. Community 10. Church, Synagogue, Mosque Elements of M_______________ and E_______________ 5. M_______________ 11. Focuses on interaction between individual and various elements 6. E_______________ 12. Societal policies supportive of families 13. Umbrella for al the systems of society Elements of the _______________and _______________ 7. M_______________ 14. Cultural values 15. Cultural beliefs 8. C_______________ 1
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CDFS 255 Class Notes Chapter 2 16. Outermost layer 17. Changes over time The _______________Family 9. T_______________ family 18. Middle class nuclear family 19. Husband, wife, their children 20. Ascribed set of gender roles 0. Women are homemakers,  1. Men are primary wage earners 21. Patriarchal family structure – 2. Male dominant, decision maker _______________Families 10. Result of changes in the 21 st  Century 22. S_______________ and c_______________ factors 3. Lower birth rates 4. Delays in marriage 23. E_______________factors 5. Women in the workforce 6. Changes in the economy 24. P_______________ factors 7. Roe v. Wade decision 8. No fault divorce laws Diverse Families 11. _______________ Families 25. Historically families were traditional married couples
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CH%202%20-%20lecture%20note%20with%20blanks0 - CDFS 255...

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