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CDFS 255 Class Notes Chapter 3 Understanding Families Through Research and Theory Chapter 3 Social Science Research 0. R_____________- to study through the process of scholarly inquiry 1. S_____________– the scholarly discipline used to examine society  and relationships The Research Method 2. Choosing the Research _____________ 0. Determine which _____________ to study 3. Creating the Research _____________ 1. Must understand the problem 2. _____________– search of existing research 3. Must have clear objective 4. _____________– speculative statement of relationship  between variables The Research Method 4. Conceptualizing the research 5. Defines the concepts 6. Using operational/empirical _____________ 7. Definitions that describe the _____________being studied The Research Method 8. Choosing the research method 9. S_____________ 10. O_____________ 11. E_____________ design 12. C_____________ s_____________ Surveys 13.A well constructed survey is: 5. U_____________ 6. Has c_____________ instructions 7. Is easily _____________ 1
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CDFS 255 Class Notes Chapter 3 8. Has carefully worded questions 9. Questions are not too vague or precise 10. Questions are _____________ 11.Is worth the respondent’s time 14. R_____________R_____________ – the percentage of subjects  who respond to the survey Survey Drawbacks 15. R_____________b – over-reporting or underreporting certain  behaviors 16. V_____________-the definition reflects what is being measured O_____________ Research 17. O_____________ 12. S_____________ planned 13.Data are gathered and recorded systematically 14.Systematic checks and balances used to determine reliability  and validity 18.Three purposes of using observational research 15. For the purposes of d_____________ 16.Used when subject matter does not lend itself to other  methods 17.Used when other research methods are inaccurate C_____________ S_____________
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CH%203%20-%20lecture%20notes%20with%20blanks0 - CDFS 255...

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