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CH%206%20-%20lecture%20notes%20with%20blanks0 - Intimacy:...

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Intimacy:  Developing and Experiencing Affectionate Bonds Chapter 6 ____________ Needs 0. ____________  refers to: 0. The reciprocity of trust between partners 1. Emotional closeness 2. Levels of self-disclosure between partners 0. Both partners are comfortable 1. Can openly share their thoughts and feelings 1. Need for ____________ 3. Need to have relationships 2. Need ____________ 4. Drive for interpersonal relations 5. Fulfilling psychological needs Psychological Needs 0. I____________ 0. Drives us to share our innermost feelings with others 1. S____________  I____________ 1. Needs that make us want to be part of a group 2. N____________ 2. Need to care and be cared for 3. A____________ 3. The need for assistance from others 4. R____________ 4. Need to know we are wanted, needed and loved Intimacy is ____________ ____________ 2. ____________ Context 0. The physical setting in which couples interact 3. ____________ Context 1. Personality traits, attitudes and belief about the relationship 4. ____________ Context 2. Companionship, trust, level of commitment, needs for  intimacy  1
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5. ____________ Context 3. Social network of family, friends, peers, neighbors 6. Sociocultural Context 4. Norms, beliefs and ideals of the culture and subculture ____________ Attachment 3. Emotional attachment is characterized by feelings that promote as  sense of closeness, bonding, and connection. 4.
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CH%206%20-%20lecture%20notes%20with%20blanks0 - Intimacy:...

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